The Deed of Donation by Franciszka Wyczółkowska to the City of Bydgoszcz, April 8, 1937

Franciszka Wyczółkowska, professor’s wife, in order to express the kindhearted feelings of her late husband, Professor Leon Wyczółkowski to the city of Bydgoszcz and to create a permanent monument to His Great Art, donates to Bydgoszcz City Township for perpetual and exclusive ownership the works and collections of Professor Leon Wyczółkowski, registered on the list constituting an integral part of the deed of donation.
The donated works and collections should constitute an integral entirety and in this character they will be made available to visitors. Care over the donated works and collections shall be given to the Trust, consisting of every Mayor of the City of Bydgoszcz as Chairman and the following members: every 1/Director of the National Museum of Krakow, 2/ Director of the National Museum of Warsaw, 3/ Head of the Department of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Enlightenment, 4/District Court Chairman, 5/ Bydgoszcz Fara Church Parish Priest, 6/ Representative of the Bydgoszcz Municipal Council, 7/Chairman of the Artistic-Cultural Council in Bydgoszcz, and in the case of its dissolution – chairman of an association in Bydgoszcz with the same of similar competencies; Franciszka Wyczółkowska, professor’s wife for life, Forester Kazimierz Szulisławski, and Major Kazimierz Południowski.
The Trust is obligated to assure proper care and rooms for the works and collections, making them available in such a way that they serve as a source of education and artistic inspiration for future generations of artists.
Bydgoszcz City Township, operating through the City Board represented by Mayor of the City Leon Barciszewski and Deputy Mayor Marcin Śpikowski, declares that it accepts the donation, promising to provide proper care to the donated works and collections, making sure that they will constitute a national monument of the immortal work of this Great Master.
It is confirmed that after signing of this deed of donation, the donated works and collections are transferred as perpetual and exclusive ownership of Bydgoszcz City Township, considering that the takeover of the donation by Bydgoszcz City Township has already taken place.
Bydgoszcz City Township - operating through the City Board – declares that it will take over permanent care over the grave of the late Professor Leon Wyczółkowski, located in Wtelno, Bydgoszcz County.
This deed of donation is made in two identical copies, one for the City Board in Bydgoszcz, and the second one for Franciszka Wyczółkowska, professor’s wife.
It took place in the manor house of Gościeradz, on April eighth, the year nineteen hundred and thirty-seven.
Persons present during the reading and acceptance:

Franciszka Wyczółkowska

Kazimierz Szulisławski

Kazimierz Południowski

City Board in Bydgoszcz:

Leon Barciszewski
Mayor of the City

Marcin Śpikowski
Deputy Mayor