Kindergarteners and 1st-3rd graders

  • Ancient stories
    We will try to answer the question, what is the Homeland and how we can fight for it.
  • My First Museum Visit
    What "a tram of Gościeradz" was? Why a lithographic  crayon is oily? Why does a painter need an oil drying agent? During classes, children will get the answers to these questions and fathom the arcana of the artist’s technique. They will help him finish a painting or they will do a copy by themselves.


4th-8th graders

  • Way of the Heart and Mind 
    Leon Wyczółkowski used to carry his sketchbook all the time to take notes of the surrounding world by means of drawings. During classes, everyone will get a sketchbook to record his or her observations not only in an artistic way.
  • Conservation Variation
    During classes the participants will be conservators of paintings. Based on one of the works of Leon Wyczółkowski, they will fill in the gaps and protect the work against further damage. Decoupage technique will be helpful.
  • Leon Wyczółkowski – painting, drawing and graphic art
    The aim of this lesson is to tell students a few words about Leon Wyczółkowski, his life and his artistic works. The museum’s different works of this famous painter and graphic artist will be presented.
  • Image analysis
    The lesson presents topics: architecture, still life, portrait. Students learn how to read and interpret painting works.


Secondary school


University and college students


Adult students