Dębowo, November 15, 1944

  1. Sunrise, ink, G.359 (destroyed by fire)
  2. Corpus Christi Church in Krakow, color lithograph, G.202 (destroyed by fire)
  3. Yew Tree, lithograph, G.394 (destroyed by fire)
  4. Chełmno Town Hall, lithograph, G.395 (destroyed by fire)
  5. St. Mary’s Church in Krakow, ink, G.242
  6. Oak with a Blooming Blackthorn, mixed watercolor, W.66 (destroyed by fire)
  7. Konela in the Ukraine, oil. W.3 (destroyed by fire)
  8. Rogalin Oaks, ink, W.185 (destroyed by fire)
  9. Rogalin Oak, ink, W.180 (destroyed by fire)
  10. Rogalin Oaks, mixed ink, W.203 (destroyed by fire)
  11. Rogalin Oaks, ink, W.204 (destroyed by fire)
  12. Flowers – Festoon, mixed ink, W.208 (destroyed by fire)
  13. Peonies, watercolor, W.33 (destroyed by fire)
  14. Pine Trees on Lake Ludwikowo, lithographic chalk, W.148 (destroyed by fire)
  15. Wildflowers, mixed watercolor, W.72 (destroyed by fire)
  16. Fragment of the Yew Grove, ink, W.166 (destroyed by fire)
  17. Motif from Gościeradz, colored chalk, W.100 (destroyed by fire)
  18. The Old Church in Świecie, ink, W.159 (destroyed by fire)
  19. Peonies and Jasmines, watercolor, W.34 (destroyed by fire)
  20. Primroses, watercolor, W.40 (destroyed by fire)
  21. Begonias, watercolor, W.39 (destroyed by fire)
  22. Column with Stained Glass Window in the Background, tempera, W.82 (destroyed by fire)
  23. Column with the Triptych in the Background, tempera, W.83 (destroyed by fire)
  24.  Anemones, pastel, W.89 (destroyed by fire)
  25. Yew Tree in Wierzchlas – Den, ink, W.172 (destroyed by fire)
  26. Santo Campo with a Torch, watercolor, W.12 (destroyed by fire)
  27. Church in Świecie, ink, W.162 (destroyed by fire)
  28. Field Road in Gościeradz, mixed pastel, W.96 (destroyed by fire)
  29. Poppies, oil, W.2 (destroyed by fire)
  30. Rogalin Oaks in Snow, mixed ink, W.205 (destroyed by fire)
  31.  Pine Tree in the Świt Forest Inspectorate, lithographic chalk, W.141 (destroyed by fire)
  32. Wawel seen from Grodzka Street, watercolor, W.15 (destroyed by fire)
  33. Triptych made by Veit Stoss in St. Mary’s Church, lithograph, W.G.68 (destroyed by fire)
  34. Spruce in the Sun, lithograph, W.G.115 (destroyed by fire)
  35. Yew Tree in the Tuchola Forest, lithograph, W.G.114 (destroyed by fire)
  36. Tree in the Park, lithograph, W.G.103 (destroyed by fire)
  37. Plowing in the Ukraine – Oxen, lithograph, W.G.82 (destroyed by fire)
  38. From the Białowieża Portfolio, lithograph, W.G.37 (destroyed by fire)
  39. Rogalin Oaks, lithograph, W.G.75 (destroyed by fire)
  40. Pear Trees in Blossom, lithograph, W.G.109 (destroyed by fire)
  41. Portrait of Dr. Michałowicz, lithograph, W.G.110 (destroyed by fire)
  42. Chopin, lithograph, W.G.93 (destroyed by fire)
  43. Rime Frost, lithograph, W.G.120 (destroyed by fire)
  44. Motif from the Park, lithograph, W.G.74 (destroyed by fire)
  45. Alley in the Park, lithograph using the brush method, W.G.127 (destroyed by fire)
  46. St. Mary’s Church, lithograph, W.G.80 (destroyed by fire)
  47. From the Białowieża Portfolio, lithograph, W.G.46 (destroyed by fire)
  48. Motif from the Park, lithograph, W.G.107 (destroyed by fire)
  49. Flowers in the Crystal Vase, stone engraving, W.G.12 (destroyed by fire)
  50. Motif from the Park, lithograph, W.G.94 (destroyed by fire)
  51. From the Białowieża Portfolio, W.G.36 (destroyed by fire)
  52. Oak in Snow, lithograph, W.G.98 (destroyed by fire)
  53. Dead Tree and Plum Trees in Blossom, lithograph, W.G.97 (destroyed by fire)
  54. Still Life, stone engraving, W.G.5 (destroyed by fire)
  55. Still Life, stone engraving, W.G.9 (destroyed by fire)
  56. Rogalin Oaks, lithograph, W.G.106 (destroyed by fire)