Soft-ground Etching (VERNIS MOU)

The technique was invented around the mid-17th century by Dietrich Meyer in Zürich. It was developed in particular in the 19th century, used by August Renoir and Luis Corinth. 
It is an intaglio printmaking technique (etched), related to etching. A drawing is copied on a metal plate, covered with soft varnish (mix of etching varnish and mutton suet), applying paper or fabrics of different texture. Under pressure of a tool, which is used for copying of the drawing, some of the sticky varnish adheres to the applied material, revealing partially the metal plate. After that, the plate is etched. A print made with the use of soft-ground etching technique reminds a drawing made with the use of pencil or colored pencil. About a hundred of prints can be made when using soft-ground etching technique.