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The Vistula guided by the brush...


From Warsaw I went to Sandomierz, and came back to Warsaw. A brief break and a trip down the river. I hope that after a cruise on the Vistula I will bring several dozen things. From the inside of Tuchola – depths with lights. The Vistula near Świecie. We waited for a ferry an hour and a half. Chełmno. Former Dominican church, now a Protestant church. I painted the Chełmno Court from the window of my hotel room. The Town Hall in Chełmo; two towers, one was destroyed.

Vivid greenery


White lilac in bloom. In Gościeradz near the granary. Fragment from the park. Watercolor – vivid greenery, in the back – cornfield. Haystack in the sun, dry twigs underneath  (prepared), decrepit straw, birch trees – barely marked. Fantasy. An old oak with fireflies (ink, chalk). The entrance to the grove. Two pines. Yew trees have survived so many generations …

Pomeranian Portfolio


Kuglin published The Pomeranian Portfolio, 8 boards. In addition to it, The Altar from St. Mary’s Church by Veit Stoss [lithographic stone, 1931] and several motifs from the Tuchola Forest outside the portfolio: Hoar frost [lit. Kr. 1931], Spruce [lit. Kr. T. 1931], Yew [lit. T. kr. 1931].

Częstochowa – Jasna Góra



In Częstochowa, during services in the monastery, people climb grates separating the chapel from the nave of the church … Sobbing. I used to see the Black Madonna during my childhood; dust darkened it; today, it is behind the glass. The famous ruby robe, estimated at 10 million, the pearl robe was stolen, the emerald and ruby robes are still there, and the diamond pins.

Spring in Gościeradz


The spring in Gościeradz, May 1931. The spring comes with its fragrance and breeze. The last flowers, October 1931. Begonias…, Dahlias. Three basic colors, which one can operate: blue gray, yellow gray, greenish gray, and sometimes reddish gray.

In Mukrz


In Mukrz, the most beautiful are yew trees. You can paint here for 30 years. In the morning: a meadow with crowns of pines – twice. A night – with moonlight. What a splendid motif, darkness, and dread. Dark yew trees against the background of greenery and a lake. Leg, clot, disaster! The most important thing was to find good veils.

At Kuglin


[February 1, 1933]. In winter, I make a spring and blooming trees; in summer – snow and snow formations. Now, I have no obligations, no portfolios, but individual boards; not 40 copies, but usually fewer, depending on the stability of the stone … Tomorrow, a new stone. At Kuglin, I have to acidify before paint application, in order to make a powerful tone, permeating the drawing monumentally. If the young Kuglin spoils it, I have to part my ways with him.

In Wyczółkowski’s studio, 1933


New things, subtle, delicate… Very interesting in color. Skies are made in pastels, but applied in such a way that they look like watercolor; trees are made with wax pencils, the course tone was done deliberately.

Sunstroke near Koronowo



[Summer 1935]. Sunstroke near Koronowo. Heat. [Stay at the Sisters of St. Elizabeth in Poznań, return to Gościeradz].

Wellisch will give us a car! Where are my coat, cane and hat? I don’t want this jacket, it’s dirty.

The Grim Reaper takes me


[And the last “tea” in Gościeradz – 1936, pneumonia, the artist was missing Warsaw due to his work; in 1934, Wyczółkowski started working as head of the Department of Graphic Art in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, to which he departed …]

To Józef Pieniążek: the Grim Reaper tries to me take me by pulling my hair, but she won’t succeed, since – look at it, and he shows his bald head.

[During the last days of his life he did not eat and drink, he was saying goodbye to everyone, he lost his voice and his heart was weaker and weaker …]

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