In Gerson’s School

I turned to Gerson myself. [After completing six grades of the middle school, Wyczółkowski was enrolled in 1869 to the school called The Drawing Class in Warsaw]. I was drawing small portraits for the poor. Teachers were giving us historical topics such as Chrzanowska, Oświęcimówna. Saint Adalbert; I drew the Saint kneeling at the trunk. Two rowers [Prussians] come with oars and beat him. [Gerson]  – Mr. Leon, these oars are slightly too big. He was a very friendly and kindhearted professor.

St. Casimir, Warsaw 1871/72, under the influence of Gerson. Gerson came, stroked his beard and said: Mr. Leon, too much strawberry color. My friends started to laugh. After that, they stopped seeing me, since I was drawing only at home. After six months, I displayed St. Casimir in Warsaw, in the Society for Encouragement of Fine Arts. It was purchased by Rotwand for 800 rubles; in this way, I bought myself out of the army.

Warsaw tripe in a pot, covered with clay; when the clay was red, the pot was taken from the oven; no aroma was lost. Birch sticks were wired and covered with clay, then put to the oven, producing the best charcoal for drawing. I went on a trip before my departure abroad, traveling to the Lublin region, Sandomierz area, and Dąbrowa Górnicza. I went with my friend, Jan Owidzki. Following in the footsteps of Gerson…

An interesting return.

I waited four hours for a theater ticket to a gallery in the days of my youth. Modrzejewska. A ball in Resursa, in Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, a ball of painters. Gerson was also one of her admirers. Modrzejewska used to visit him.                                                             

Then I went to the 1873 Vienna Universal Exhibition via Będzin. I was smuggled through the border; a peasant carried me piggyback across the Przemsza River. A guard wagged his finger at me. I stayed in Vienna for five days. I came back the same way, being smuggled. Later, there was conscription in November and for the second time – this time legally – I went to Munich and Krakow.