In Munich

I was drafted to the army, to cavalry. I did not serve, since my uncle paid for me in the guberniya. I paid back to my uncle 150 rubles with the painting St. Casimir. I received passport and traveled abroad. When I was going out of Warsaw, I had to bribe a clerk in the district.

I had 500 rubles to stay in Munich. I had interesting experiences during those years. Later, when my money was gone, we hadn’t eaten dinner for five days. I stayed in Munich for eighteen months. Today, when something is wrong, it is a big deal, and then – there were no serious consequences. I returned from Munich to Warsaw. I received a summons from the police, asking me where was I when I was gone. I responded: In Abyssinia. – What were you doing in Abyssinia? I was there for scientific and artistic purposes. A true farce. Extending the passport would cost between 200 and 300 rubles. I wanted to pay for the passport, but they egged me on to sign the declaration of poverty; I paid 5 rubles.