Adam Chmielowski – Brother Albert

I went to Paris; my first exhibition was organized in 1878. Lvov 1880. There [in Lvov] I met Kornel Ujejski and Adam Chmielowski… During that time, he was preparing himself to cross the gate of the Jesuit Order. He was painting Ecce Homo, which he later donated to Andrzej Szeptycki, Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Church in Lvov. Brother Albert, Adam Chmielowski was older than me. He was part of the group of Gierymski, Czachórski, Wierusz Kowalski. He was coming to my place almost every day, frequently staying overnight. He was finishing his painting St. Margaret on Piekarskiego Street, since my studio was better.


[Wyczółkowski was making a portrait of Brother Albert as an oil painting in 1932 and later]: Brother Albert [1933] looks good. I added lavender oil to paints, since I hate regular oil, it irritates me. The habit of Brother Albert looks like a bag, with a child nestling to him.