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I wish I had learned to sculpt


I was involved in painting and graphic art; I wish I had learned to sculpt. I was making Natalka with my fingers and matches without tools. Dunikowski was smoothing the sculpture with a log. The Knight on the Horse, presently in the National Museum in Krakow, was made later. I made this sculpture for Poznański in Warsaw.

World War I


I was hidden in the woods of the Minsk area during the outbreak of the war. The local peasants reported to the local authorities that I was making plans. I departed, and the family I stayed with told me that an order arrived for my arrest. If they have given me the passport, nothing would have happened, but I was advised to go away. Difficult experiences in Vilnius. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get out from there. If they arrested me, I could have been sent to Siberia. Fear, panic, lack of trains, stagnation. People stand in line and I am approached by a doorman: Would you like to go? Then he pushes me to the train in which the Russian staff was traveling …

Extraordinary eyes


I was in a hurry to have lunch. Stefan, a servant, was supposed to remove a plate in 10 minutes and rinse it in water. He fell asleep. He etched it for 30 minutes and intensive things had developed under etching. Extraordinary eyes. Jasieński has several copies of my old portfolios.

Self-portrait as a merchant wearing a hat


In Krakow, when I arrived, Austria takes one part, and Prussia - another. Suddenly we have independence. Austrian soldiers are disarmed, and in the Kingdom of Poland – both Austrian and German soldiers.



[1918 – trips of Wyczółkowski to Lublin; 1919 – travels to Warsaw; 1920 – a trip to Kazimierz nad Wisłą; Białowieża Forest – 1921/22; 1922 – the artist received a residuary part of the Gościeradz estate near Bydgoszcz, purchased from the Ministry of the former Prussian District (3 million from the received 10 for the donation to the Museum of Wielkopolska in Poznań);

The most interesting experiment


Young oaks – the most interesting experiment, three trees painted directly on stone, from the right – it looks like darning; different texture, since I was not able to finish it on the same day. Transition of tones, from violin to bass. There is no admixture. I was awarded with gold medal for this work in Paris. The second work – one oak with stones.

Can exceptional people, great artists be normal?


Young Poland. Do I know how everything is entangled? Przybyszewski, Dagne Przybyszewska, Emeryk. Memories of Lucyna Kotarbińska. Normal people? Abnormal? Can exceptional people, great artists be normal?



A Happy Manor is drenched with sunlight, happy flowers. A Sad Manor is closed, gloomy and shown on a rainy day. [1924] The objects should be treated from the mental point of view. Flowers are shown against the gray background; an experiment with a silencer – in the musical aspect. Asters, the focus is on light. Flowers, different varieties. I was supposed to make something else. A path in the Gościeradz parkSunset, black color, cinnabar. The second one, tousled trees, gloomy things. The third dreary painting was purchased by notary Dylewski.

Jagiellonian Oak, 1921


The Białowieża Forest outside the portfolio. The royal oak had 4 meters in thickness. I was painting its bark for 2 days, interesting things. The entire poem from bark [Jagiellonian Oak, lit. 1921]. Three oaks painted in ink [1921], an oak painted exclusively using ink [1922].

Beauty is everywhere



Our artists do not know how to look at nature; they walk for kilometers and do not see anything, whereas beauty is everywhere. I am a child of the forest

St. Mary’s Portfolio


St. Mary’s Portfolio is good, but charts are uneven. A chart, which gives an interior with sanguine, you can tell it’s polychromed. It was much more complicated; one-color prints; later, I put the stone on querns; I used a pen for windows and the cross; a lot of painting with the use of a brush (arches) from one stone. I made St. Mary’s in Winter from memory. The chancel looks great. The effect is even better with the choir loft. I would like to continue these things, when I will be able to. Sensitivity is still there, but I am getting weaker.

Color of cinnabar


Self-portrait first sprinkled, and later drawn. Flowers, more memories, a flower dream. Anemones before the evening, lights. Flowers in a crystal vase, closed flashes of light can be seen on the glass. I tried to paint some flowers anonymously after my illness.

Funeral of Juliusz Słowacki


Thanks to me, the casket with the corpse of Słowacki was resting in the Barbican overnight. There was supposed to be only one service in St. Mary’s Church. Later, a procession was supposed to head to Wawel. Lovely experiences, but accompanied by unpleasant stress, since I was afraid of the storm, which could tear off the veil. It was drizzling at night, followed by a heavy rain. Piłsudski was speaking to officers in Wawel. The committee comprised Sieroszewski, Żeromski, chaired by Badeni, Cardinal Puzyna resisted; Żeromski suggested the grave of Słowacki on Lake Czarny Staw…

Disease, pneumonia, 1928


1928, in Kazimierz, pleasant memories despite certain discomfort. The “Grunwald” Ship was rather large; mishaps… There were problems due to the low water level. Puławy, Magnuszewo, throwing of luggage away: calves, ducks. Sad scenes, but interesting for a painter.

Deep gratitude, May 3, 1930


Gentlemen! I am deeply moved to be standing before you today, in order to express my heartfelt gratitude for an honor given to me. Memories from the past vividly live on, even memories from over sixty years ago, when I saw Warsaw for the first time, until today.

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