I wish I had learned to sculpt

I was involved in painting and graphic art; I wish I had learned to sculpt. I was making Natalka with my fingers and matches without tools. Dunikowski was smoothing the sculpture with a log. The Knight on the Horse, presently in the National Museum in Krakow, was made later. I made this sculpture for Poznański in Warsaw. Laszczka was helping me, he added iron to the inside. Everything fell apart in the Ukraine. I was going to Tattersalls to study the horse in 1899/1900. A horse kicked me in my leg. The Sarcophagi – I modeled them for a month or two. Stucco workers damaged my apartment, destroyed furnaces, and made heaps of rubble. A statue was made, which was mounted and later covered with polychrome. The sculptor has a skeleton, iron bars, and wires as internal scaffolding. I wasn’t making it, I was taking a lump of cheese and molded it just like a dessert. I was guided by the model according to lighting, chiaroscuro, in order to extract visual art, completely different than a sculptor. [Later Wyczółkowski gave up sculpting].