The most interesting experiment

Young oaks – the most interesting experiment, three trees painted directly on stone, from the right – it looks like darning; different texture, since I was not able to finish it on the same day. Transition of tones, from violin to bass. There is no admixture. I was awarded with gold medal for this work in Paris. The second work – one oak with stones. The material I played with is an art. Birch trees in the Białowieża Forest: chalk, ink. I wanted to extract its depth. Lithography is the sum of mechanized media. There is a myriad of lithographic techniques, chalk, ink, brush, pen, spraying, and cutting. Music evokes a colorful image in me, whereas colorful pictures evoke music. Three oaks, a flute; a yew, a spruce – intensive contrasts are brought by an organ. My dream – dark, black forest and a plethora of ferns; the light jumps on them, and the wind moves them. [Impressions from Białowieża Portfolio