A Happy Manor is drenched with sunlight, happy flowers. A Sad Manor is closed, gloomy and shown on a rainy day. [1924] The objects should be treated from the mental point of view. Flowers are shown against the gray background; an experiment with a silencer – in the musical aspect. Asters, the focus is on light. Flowers, different varieties. I was supposed to make something else. A path in the Gościeradz park. Sunset, black color, cinnabar. The second one, tousled trees, gloomy things. The third dreary painting was purchased by notary Dylewski.

A morning in the forest, some blue tone; my best painting made during vacation. A little bit of fog. Light in the foreground. First rays, and darkness in the background. Pieniążek surrounded by flowers, The Morning is the biggest. I woke up in the morning, had a look at it, and later painted from memory; Corn stacks … Two years ago I was able to make twenty things during vacation, now five is enough. Thanks to Szulisławski I had access to a great forest!