Vivid greenery

White lilac in bloom. In Gościeradz near the granary. Fragment from the park. Watercolor – vivid greenery, in the back – cornfield. Haystack in the sun, dry twigs underneath  (prepared), decrepit straw, birch trees – barely marked. Fantasy. An old oak with fireflies (ink, chalk). The entrance to the grove. Two pines. Yew trees have survived so many generations … An oak in Ostromecko on Angerer paper, brought from Vienna. Remarkable oaks, giants; I was dreaming about them. When I woke up, I regretted, regretted that I woke up. I was not able to find the way to them. I was telling Countess Raczyńska about these dreams. Ballad, 1930. A fairy tale in a greenish tone. Two oaks and a warrior on a horse with a woman. The tone of tapestry … an illustration to An Ancient Tale by Kraszewski. There is a depth, since I feel the forest. There is a powerful strength in black, which does not exist in a colorful painting. A starry sky … [1930]