Spring in Gościeradz

The spring in Gościeradz, May 1931. The spring comes with its fragrance and breeze. The last flowers, October 1931. Begonias…, Dahlias. Three basic colors, which one can operate: blue gray, yellow gray, greenish gray, and sometimes reddish gray.

Summer 1932 in Gościeradz. I am repainting Saint Therese, since the painting is too dark. Meadows in Wierzchlas, a boat, Lake Mukrz, and herds of deer. Everything I did was thanks to Szulisławski… The entire Pomeranian Portfolio I owe to Szulisławski A Sacred Grove in Wierzchlas – something different; dark yew trees, light pines, and poplars. An orgy of colors in the fall.

It takes 11 minutes to drive from Gościeradz to Bydgoszcz by a car.

Painter, formerly temperament; now, I have to help myself with thinking, logic. To mechanize media, take them logically from their plein-air assumption. Claude Lorrain or Poussin, vibration of light, plein-air. I cannot go back to oil painting. I want to achieve my goal only through black things. Two colorful oaks I will change to black. Spruce. You have to be in a hurry, since the light effect is passing. Drawing is the main thing. Grinding of ink from lithographic chalk, prepared water, and tools. You have to study well, there are no jokes. The net is very soft, sometimes branches are shooting. These soft things can be extracted only with a razor blade. Only patience.